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oiseau foods is made up of a wife and wife team: lizzy boelter and hae yong min. between the both of us, there is over twenty years of restaurant and beverage service experience ranging from second to third wave coffee, farm-to-table fine dining/casual cuisine to craft cocktails. truth be told, we don’t care much to talk about ourselves except to say that we are super enthusiastic and passionate about the quality and accessibility of every consumable thing that we put out. we both have art backgrounds and have a shared love of hosting parties with an eclectic group of people.

making bread came about when lizzy was told she could no longer enjoy gluten, the thing that is in virtually every fried foods. and all the breaded things she grew up eating in the south was off limits. in 2011-2012, we started doing pop ups on the sidewalks of sf bay area making fried chicken and socca crepe and whatever we could get away with. we wanted to test out in real life what was palatable and mouthwatering inducing, considering we were using “alternative” flours. fast forward nearly eight years later with one cafe restaurant under our belt, we’ve been able to produce an amazing sourdough bread that has made believers out of the very very very stubborn non-believers. from the beginning, we have always made it a mission to keep our ingredients simple and fresh as possible. no gums, additives, preservatives or other things you have to search the internet for.

it is our dream to one day open up a bar/bakery in los angeles that is affordable, comfortable and welcoming to all. stay tuned to future fundraising events to help us move closer towards this dream. in the meantime, if you know of anyone who would like to support this dream and become an investor, adviser, cheerleader, what have you, please send them our way, we love love in all forms.


we were once known as grease box. a tiny shack in north oakland serving southern/california-ish brunch/comfort food that is hard to find if you are a celiac, vegan or countless other label that restricts you from partaking in most social function that involves food. in 2017, we pulled out of a location in downtown oakland due to the rising cost to renovate the retail space and a lack of time to raise funds to keep up. los angeles was calling us. so here we are. but we love our bay area oakland roots.

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